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Our Mission Statement

To create opportunities and futures for our learners to excel in life


  • Empowering learner to excel
  • Students choose us because we provide a service that is committed, consistent, dependable, innovative to succeed
  • Employers chose to work with us as we provide skills that meet their business needs
  • The academy is a safe and friendly environment to learn and achieve


  • To be known for high quality teaching, learning and assessment that leads to outstanding success
  • To prioritise learner progression and employability
  • To ensure all our learners have access to a high quality, safe and secure learning environment
  • To maintain the strong financial profile needed to ensure a secure future for the Academy

The Mission and Vision statements are communicated to staff, employers and learners through Staff-induction, training, handouts and monitored through one to ones, team meetings and observation

Learner-Induction, poster/visuals around the academy, through reviews, discussion and questionnaires.

Employer-Access to our web site, training agreement, and discussion with the employer.

These expectations are reviewed through our learner focus group, which is then disseminated to the team, telephone calls and meetings with employers. Staff discussion will take place in their one to ones, observed through observations and floor walks.

The high standards of quality are set in the planning of scheme of work, all learners are treated as individuals to ensure differentiation takes place in all delivery.

The outcomes of our organisation are to achieve

  • Timely success
  • Retention
  • Attendance/punctuality
  • Progress monitored through E-portfolio
  • Destination after course
  • Identify any RPL

Staff will be aware of the member of staff who will be responsible to make this clear to staff and monitor through one to ones of case load and reports of E-portfolio

Academy Salon

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